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Help to test the new version

Nov 5, 2010 at 8:32 AM

Hi all!

So, it's time for a new version again and I would really appreciate if I could get some help to test it all.

Here's what is new...

  • Charts now support multiple chart type series. You can add a new chart type serie by using the Chart.PlotArea.ChartTypes.Add method. This also enables the use of a secondary axis. Something like this...
            var chartType2 = chart.PlotArea.ChartTypes.Add(eChartType.LineStacked);
            chartType2.UseSecondaryAxis = true;
	Check out Sample9 to see how it's used. This required a lot of changes to the chart classes so please test it with your project to that it works as expected.
  • Encryption. Constructors and Save-methods now take a password as a parameter to read and write encrypted packages. Support for AES128 (default), AES192 and AES256. Check out sample 10. If anyone uses Mono it would be intresting to hear if it works (I had to use a few API-functions to read and write the OLE-Compound document).
  • Enumation of Cells collection to support Linq. Check out sample8
  • Support for Array formulas. Range.CreateArrayFormula.
  • Tables. Sample 6 and 9 shows a little bit how it works. Do not support custom table styles yet.
  • LoadFromText added to ExcelRange to read textfiles (only different csv formats at this point). Sample 9  shows how it works.
  • LoadFromArrays

All issues should also be fixed.

If you find any bug, misspelling or other strange behavior report them here or send them directly to me.