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How to Create Data validations to display Dynamic Chart

Feb 17, 2012 at 10:13 AM


    First of all, Very Thank You for doing a great work.. The library works great more than i expexted..

    I have an issue to clarify with you..

    My requirement is to generate Line chart for the records... My workbook will have thousands of records and showing them all will be clumsy so I decided to show only 20 points in the line chart once.. and I want to create like navigation options(Probably the Next and previous button) to dynamically change the data in the line chart..

     for an example, at first the line chart must refer through "A1:A20" and If the user presses next option, the line chart must refer to "A21:A40" and should show new data...

    Kindly tell me is it possible to create buttons and its pressing validations using EPPlus in Excel(What I wanted is, If the user presses the next button, The chart will refresh itself by referreing to the new range)

Thanks in advance..