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Select Item in Drop Down

Feb 22, 2012 at 3:08 PM

I'm trying to interface with a spreadsheet that I have been given from another company. I'm having two problems.

First, I can load the cells, but the formulas won't calculate until I open the spreadsheet in Excel.  Then they compute automatically.  This might be related to the fact there are protections on the spreadsheet that I do not have the password for an there are also macros and other content that trigger the security warnings.

The other problem is that while most of the inputs are simple cells, two of the fields are DropDowns.  How do I select an item in a DropDown using EPPlus?  Is it possible without the passsword.

My boss is pleased that I'm able to populate all the cells and open the spreadsheet.  Now all he has to do is select the two drop downs and the sheet calculates what he needs, but I'd like to go all the way with this if its possible.