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Searching For Blank Cells in a range

May 6, 2012 at 4:32 PM

I am trying to use EPPlus as a validation tool (for example check if there are any blank cells in a range). 

I have a sheet with 25,000 rows and a column Column H) that contains about 2000 inter-dispersed blank cells.  

Using LINQ, I have tried worksheet.Cells["H:H"].Where(m=>m.Value == null).  After not being able to get that to work, I noticed that doing worksheet.Cells["H:H"].Count() will only return 23000 cells (omitting the blanks by default).  Is the only way to handle identification of blank cells in a range is not to use LINQ but  to iterate over the range and check each cell or is there a function or method that I have missed that allows one to use LINQ