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Troubles processing Excel .xlsx generated with Java POI in Linux

Jul 10, 2012 at 3:58 PM

I am getting an excel file from a third party generated automatically in a Linux machine with a Java script using the Apache POI API.

Afterwards I want to open and read the content using EPPlus. Unfortunately I get the Worksheets object as NULL from the Workbook getting a Null reference exception.

I can open the file with Excel with no troubles. What is very strange is that I save afterwards the file in Excel just with "Save", and then it gets a bigger size and I can process it without any troubles with EPPlus.

This third party has already contact POI to check if the file is generated with incomplete data or if there is any problems with the file.

I was wondering if someone has an idea of how I can solve this problem or whether EPPlus can't process certain excel files.

I appreciate your help with this.