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conditional formatting not working on workbooks

Oct 12, 2012 at 8:13 PM

it seems like the formatting works on a single workbook. However, when I add another workbook, the formatting applies to the new one but not the previously created workbook

ExcelAddress ansAddress = new ExcelAddress(2, 4, row, 4 );  //="F2:F*"
var trueColor = worksheet.ConditionalFormatting.AddContainsText(ansAddress);
trueColor.Text = "Y";
trueColor.Style.Fill.BackgroundColor.Color = Color.GreenYellow;

var falseColor = worksheet.ConditionalFormatting.AddContainsText(ansAddress);
falseColor.Text = "N";
falseColor.Style.Fill.BackgroundColor.Color = Color.Orange;