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android SUMs blank

Apr 27, 2013 at 7:14 PM
Hi, i am loving EPPlus - thanks for the great work!

I have a formula that works ok in excel and openoffice but is blank when viewed on my android document viewer. This is jelly bean on a nexus 7. I believe this is the built-in document viewer, not an app i downloaded.

the vb code i use is: ws.Cells("D"&row).Formula = "=Sum(D4:D" & row-2 & ")"

I see that excel will save the formula AND the current value in it's xlsx, and EPPlus saves just the formula.

I tried setting the value and then the formula, but it seems EPPlus clears the value when a formula is set.

I've had to calculate the SUM myself so there are no formulas in my xslx any more, which just makes me sad :(

I'm sure i saw an example before that set the value and formula something like .formula="123,sum(A1:A5)" but i can't find that now.

Anyone know how i can get this working?