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Different excel file sizes produced on different machines

Jun 3, 2013 at 9:17 PM
Creating the same Excel file on my own machine versus on the live server, the Excel file size is quite a bit different (same version of EPPlus). 5 MBs on my machine and 8 MBs on the server ... same exact contents. If I open the 8 MB file up in Excel and simply save it without any real change, it goes down to 5 MBs. If I unarchive the contents of both XLSX files and compare with beyond compare, it's the same number of files and file sizes are basically the same (a few bytes difference).

I'm guessing this is a compression issue? Is there any type of compression option available? Either with EPPlus itself, or possibly a setting on the server I can change to try and get smaller files. Any info is very appreciated.