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InsertRow problem

May 13, 2014 at 4:00 PM
Hello, im trying to add some rows in a existing spreadsheets. Im using the InsertRow command.

The insert is well done, but the problem appears with rows after that. Some formulas stop working.

The spreadsheets have xlsx extension.

Using EPPlus 3.1 : Some formulas totally lost his form, for example, "=SheetName!G20+150" turn into "=I21+I22+I24", not in every cell with formulas it is happening. I find out that it´s always happend in locked cells (with different style too).

EPPlus 4.0 Beta 2: In that case, formulas are well, but the index not to be upgrade at inserting, for example "=SheetName!G20+150" after inserting must be "=SheetName!G21+150" but remains the same.

Thanks for attention

PD: Sorry for my terrible english, i´m still improve it.