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Calc VBA project hash for vbaProjectSignature.bin and vbaProjectSignatureAgile.bin

Nov 30, 2015 at 4:46 PM

I noticed that EPPlus calculates MD5 hash of VBA project, which is written to ContentInfo object in the vbaProjectSignature.bin. Here is my first question: Can you share some useful links to the specification of the the process of calculating this hash? In sources I see that you calculate md5 hash based on VBA project name, constants, references and modules (ExcelVbaSignature.GetContentHash method).

But EPPlus does not read/create vbaProjectSignatureAgile.bin. I want to write code, that calculates VBA project hash using SHA1 and writes it to vbaProjectSignatureAgile.bin. All I know here is that SpcIndirectDataContentV2 is used in this case, which has two fields: compiledHash and sourceHash. I cannot find any specification on how to calculate them. Do you have links to the specs?

Thanks, Oleksii