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Server-side Excel library for use with C# and .NET ? Does EPPlus support the features below ?

Feb 14 at 3:16 PM
My question would be: Is EPPlus the Excel library I am looking for ?

At our company we are using the [Telerik RadSpreadProcessing] Library with .NET C#. It can manipulate data on the server-side without the need for Office. Unfortunately the Telerik library is missing few features that we need. Such features are:
  • Add Graphic in Header and Footer
  • Rotation of Text in a cell
  • Charts should not be thrown away (Telerik library throws away)
The library should support the .xlsx format but also Formulas to manipulate the data.

Furthermore it would be ideal if the library has the below functionalities:

• OpenWorkbook
• AddNewWorkbook
• AddNewSheet
• RemoveSheetByName
• RemoveSheetByIndex
• SelectSheetByName
• SelectSheetByIndex
• GetSheetNames
• SetSheetName
• GetCellValue
• SetCellValue
• SetCellText
• SetCellTextFromClipboard
• SetRowValues
• SetColumnValues
• AutoFit
• SetHeader
• SetFooter
• SetCellStyles
• SetCellStyle
• SetCellBorders
• SetCellBorder
• SetCellAlignments
• SetCellAlignment
• SetCellProtections
• SetCellProtection
• SetSheetProtection
• SetCellFormat
• SetCellFormats
• Save
• SaveAs
• Close
• GetSessions