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How to read formula cell value where formula is accessing other formula cells?

Mar 8 at 11:38 AM

How to read cell value using EPPlus in the following excel example. (Stupid example but it illustrates the point)
            A         B         C         D               E              F`
R   1       1         2         3         =SUM(A1..B1)   =SUM(B1..C1)    =SUM(D1..E1)
In this example i can get value of D1 and E1 correctly if call the Calculate() Method.
But calling Calculate() on Cell F1 does not return value of 8. It returns 0.

I can change cell F1 formula to be SUM( SUM(A1..B1) , SUM(B1..C1) ) to make it work but i was wondering if there is way for EPPLus to calculate formulas that depend on other cell formulas? Or if that could be added to a future version?...

Kind Regards