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Get calculated values of the particular cell which has formula to reference the another worksheet

May 5, 2017 at 4:32 PM
I need to get the calculated value of those cell which has reference of the another worksheet.I am not getting the result. I have excel sheet which has multiple sheet and i am using mainsheet to get all calculated value and in the main sheet i have lot of formula applying. if i have formula like this
C1 = (A1 - A2) then it is get calculated using
worksheet.Cells["C1"].Calculate(); but when C1 doesn't have formula like this its has reference of another sheet worksheet2. in this worksheet2 suppose A1 cell has the formula to get calculate.

So how to get calculated values of that cell which has reference of another worksheet cell

Please help me to get rid of this. it very urgent i am using epplus library to solve all this