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Some source code leaks into cell`s value during calculations


Hi, I'm trying to process the CSV file by loading it's data into the EpplusPackage's worksheet and calculating it. In a few result files I get the strange source code in the values of the cell`s like such one: "OfficeOpenXml.FormulaParsing.EpplusExcelDataProvider+RangeInfo/Sneaker"
instead of
when using the formula
or this one
"OfficeOpenXml.FormulaParsing.EpplusExcelDataProvider+RangeInfo/Clothing & Accessories -> Clothing Accessories -> Bags"
instead of
"Female/Clothing & Accessories -> Clothing Accessories -> Bags"
for formula
Do you need any additional info for finding the reason of this bug?
P.S. Thank you for your work. :)