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Set value of certain cells causes the cell to blank


I have a excel spreadsheet template created in excel.
One of my cells has text in it like this "blah blah blah[blah_replacement] blah".
I'm able to see the text using EPP in my code correctly using the Text Property and the Value Property of the cell object.
I then use csharp to replace the blah_replacement string with a number. e.g. - "blah blah blah[95.0] blah".
Note there are no actual quotes in the cell that is just to represent the string.
Also Note it doesn't happen with all cells.
Then i set this value back into the .Value property of my cell and the cell is blank.

If I go back to version 3.1.3 it works as before. I have no Tables in the work sheet its all pure cell values.
Please fix and list this as an issue that I can recognize as fixed, so I can update the library we use.