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Password protected documents


Hey guys!

First of all - great library!

Recently I had to create a password protected spreadsheet and right now I am just passing the password to the save method like this


which works as intended and when I am using MS Excel I enter my password and everything works fine.

My problem is that I can't open the password protected document from google drive.
I perform the following steps:
  1. Generate the document using EPPlus - test.xlsx
  2. Upload it to google drive.
  3. Open the document.
  4. Enter my password.
  5. Google drive prompts an error message: There was a problem previewing this document.
After reading a bit on the subject I saw that google drive didn't used to support password protected files untill recently but now it seems like they do.

I tried to generate a new password protected file from MS Excel and when I upload it to google drive it opens successfuly after entering my password.

Is there a workaround or I should wait for a new version of the library?