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(Question) How Can I Add WorkSheets(At least 60 worksheets) in One Xlsx File?

Aug 20, 2012 at 7:36 AM

Hi All.

First, I can't Speak Eng Well. Sorry about that.

I have a Problem about making xlsx file.

I tried to add  worksheets(at least 60 worksheets) in one xlsx file.

(each worksheets has some images (about under 20 images. not big size) and text)

but, over 20 Worksheets add in one xlsx file, OutOfMemory error occured.


My Saving Process is :

1. new excelpackage,

2. add worksheet and write it (add images and text)

3. repeat 2.

4. save excelPackage.


when about 20th worksheet added, OutOfMemory occured.

system using over 1GB memory. (32bit OS and Program.)


Does EPPlus Can do this? :

1. Open One xlsx file.  

2. Read xlsx Header Info and Read First worksheet Only

3. just Add a worksheet and write some text and Images

4. Add Texts (Hyper Link) in First Worksheet

5. Save it

6. repeat 1 to 5

or Can anyone solve this problem?(Using Less Memory..about Saving Many Worksheets in  one xlsx File) plz