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EPPlus lost numberformat and cell width with Copy method

Oct 15, 2012 at 3:39 PM

I have create an excel with template rows. In the model, I set the background color, border style, width, and numberformat for some cell.

In my code the template was copied many time, but only first time the format of the cell is right (except cell width).

For example in a cell I had this formula, "=IF(B12<>"";IF(B12+1>=DATE.MONTH($B$8;1);"";B12+1);"")", with this for every cell I had the next date from previous cell (B12=dd/mm/yyy). In my model this cell is formatted with this numberformat "dd//ddd". When I copy this row for first time, it work fine, but for the other time, numberformat is "dd/mm/yyyy".

Width don't work anytime. Background color & border style work perfectly.

The metod I use to copy range from model to destination file is ExcelBase.Copy.

Someone can help me on my problem?

Thanks to everyone.