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New row insertion into existing named range cells

Apr 4, 2013 at 8:17 AM

Im using Epplus to create Excel 2010 from a existing excel template. In my existing template I have many Namedrange cells.

One of my case is, I have two named range cells one below one in a sheet. Consider each named range cells having 10 rows & 5 columns.

Dynamically im adding/inserting rows(more than 10 rows) into the 1st named range cells which increases(or changes) the row end postion of the first named rangecells.

By which the starting row position of the second named range cells also got changed .In this situation when i tried to insert/write values to the 2nd named range cells,
it is actually writing /inserting on the old row position. How to track the changed starting row position of the 2nd named range cells.