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Copying Worksheet to new Workbook in "Calculated" State

Aug 15, 2014 at 11:13 PM
Hi everyone,

First, thanks to the EEPlus team for putting this awesome package together. It's a treat to use. So kudos.

On to my question. I'm using the new Beta 4.0, which allows me to utilize the new "Calculate()" function. The end goal of my task is to copy a sheet from a workbook to a new workbook. But only the calculated cell values. The sheets I'm copying contain only cell references and formulas, which will not be making the trip to the new workbook. Thus, after copying I'm left with a ton of invalid references.

Ultimately, if there isn't a way to do this in bulk, I suppose I can call "Calculate()" and copy the data cell by cell. But the sheets to be copied contain graphs (based on the data) and ultimately I'd like to preserve them in "as-is" state (minus the formulas/references).

Thank you everyone for your help.

Peace and love.