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Conditional formatting AddBetween doesnt work correctly.

Sep 11, 2014 at 11:33 PM
first of all, this thing is freaking amazing... i've been through a lot of excel libraries but this is by far the most powerful.

I manually applied a Between filter on a conditional formatting and inspected it with Open Xml Productivity Tool. This is what it shows:
        ConditionalFormatting conditionalFormatting2 = new ConditionalFormatting(){ SequenceOfReferences = new ListValue<StringValue>() { InnerText = "G1:G1048576" } };

        ConditionalFormattingRule conditionalFormattingRule3 = new ConditionalFormattingRule(){ Type = ConditionalFormatValues.CellIs, FormatId = (UInt32Value)2U, Priority = 1, Operator = ConditionalFormattingOperatorValues.Between };
        Formula formula3 = new Formula();
        formula3.Text = "120";
        Formula formula4 = new Formula();
        formula4.Text = "149";
as you can see here, the formula is actually 2 parts... when i apply the formula with the api it only applies the low end... any ideas on how to fix this? for now i just have multiple criteria @ different priorities to do what I want but I thought I'd point it out... even in the sample if you look at the conditional formatting in excel afterwards it shows between <formula> and <blank>