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Write Large File with EPPlus open with Excel and Save -- now EPPLus 4.00 is struggling

Oct 10, 2014 at 1:27 PM
If i write a large worksheet with EPPlus 4.00 actual code (also in debug mode with VS) and open this file with MS Excel and save the file, the code from EPPlus is now not able to serialize his in memory store.

What i have found, the sheet.xml inside the container is now not utf-8 encoded anymore, its's ANSI coded, also showed by half the weight.
I open the xlsx with EEPlus and load it in memory, search for my worksheet by name and delete all cells with ExcelWorksheet.Cells.Clear(). After this i write all my actual data to this cleared cells in this ExcelWorksheet. Some cells will get format information's. On the end i will save the Excelpackage.GetAsByteArray(). EPPlus is now struggling in cleaning up the theme definition inside the cell store comparer with negative length..

I will now try to delete my ExcelWorksheet and build a new one with the same name, maybe the error will go away..