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Prepare Excel File Then Print to PDF Document

Dec 6, 2014 at 1:39 AM
I am just getting into EPPlus using C# and would like to ask if it's possible to prepare an Excel file and then print it using a Windows PDF Print Driver. And I want to do this all with C# code. No user input allowed.

As I talk myself through this I can see that creating the file, formatting the cells and entering the data can be handled by EPPlus. Still learning but it looks like that I can get done. Then I'd like to create a PDF file of the printout with the grid lines, borders, cell shading, etc...and of course the data entered.

Okay, here's the real caveat I guess. I want to do this on a computer that will not have Excel. That's the reason I'm researching this in the first place. The objective is to do this without needing license for other software.