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File corrupted upon saving

Dec 13, 2016 at 10:08 AM
I have a 9 MB Excel file that loads in and is able to read all data properly. I am even able to edit the data and save the file. However, once I save the file the size is reduced to 5 MB and Excel reports it as corrupted. After repairing it, I can see that most formulas that reference other sheets have been replaced with #REF. There are no links to other files.

I have simplified my test by just opening and saving the file, and the result is the same. This workbook is quite complex with many references. I suspect this is what is causing the issue.

Is there a limit to the "depth" of these inter-sheet references?

Is there some sort of log that will show me errors that are occurring while saving so I can clean it up?

Is there some way to defer the calculation of formulas and do a "write only" to the cells to avoid damaging the formulas?
Jan 9 at 8:10 AM
After cleaning up the file a bit I found this is related to: