Statistics sheet

The statistics sheet contains some data and graphs calculated from the content of the directory.
First we set the Top Header. It merges some cells and styles them...

            //Set the first header and format it
            ws.Cells["A1"].Value = header;
            using (ExcelRange r = ws.Cells["A1:N1"])
                r.Merge = true;
                r.Style.Font.SetFromFont(new Font("Arial", 22, FontStyle.Italic));
                r.Style.HorizontalAlignment = OfficeOpenXml.Style.ExcelHorizontalAlignment.CenterContinuous;
                r.Style.Fill.PatternType = OfficeOpenXml.Style.ExcelFillStyle.Solid;
                r.Style.Fill.BackgroundColor.SetColor(Color.FromArgb(23, 55, 93));

Then add the pie chart. You can add all charttypes except Bubble-, Radar-, Stock- or Surface charts. 

            //Add the piechart
            var pieChart = ws.Drawings.AddChart("crtExtensionsSize", eChartType.PieExploded3D) as ExcelPieChart;
            //Set top left corner to row 1 column 2
            pieChart.SetPosition(1, 0, 2, 0);
            pieChart.SetSize(400, 400);
            pieChart.Series.Add(ExcelRange.GetAddress(4, 2, row-1, 2), ExcelRange.GetAddress(4, 1, row-1, 1));

            pieChart.Title.Text = "Extension Size";
            //Set datalabels and remove the legend
            pieChart.DataLabel.ShowCategory = true;
            pieChart.DataLabel.ShowPercent = true;
            pieChart.DataLabel.ShowLeaderLines = true;

Check out sample 6 in the sample project for the full code.

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